Veterans’ Day at Chautauqua

This item appeared in The Chipley Banner on March 11, 1899:


Veterans, don’t forget this day; it will be a day of pleasure to you: the Veterans will have charge of the great Tabernacle from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A special program will be arranged for those two hours. The following is the general program for the day:
10:00 Biblical hour.
11:00 Veterans’ Rally, presided over by Brig.-Gen. Geo. Reese, Pensacola.
2:30 Band concert.
3:00 Ariel Ladies’ Sextette: Smith sisters. “Pot Luck with a Poet” by the inimitable Impersonator, Edmund Vance Cooke.
7:00 “Marriage and Burial Customs, Legends and Traditions of the Iroquois,” Rev. John W. Sanborn. Addie Chase Smith

[Contributed by Robert Daniel]

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