The Heritage Collection

Small Bore Rifle Targets

Rifle targets such as that pictured below were distributed by King & Company, a general merchandise store at the corner of Baldwin Avenue and 6th Street. The building still stands. [Accession No. 2015-6-1: Donated by Stephen McBroom]

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Gold-plated Horseshoe

This gold-plated horseshoe belonged to W. C. Jones’ Tennessee Walking Horse in the 1970s. Mr. Jones was the founder of the Tom Thumb convenience stores that are a major employer throughout the Walton and Okaloosa counties area. [Donated by James E. Moore]

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Bissell Sweeper

Anna and Melville Bissell patented the original hard floor sweeper in 1876. This model, the Parlor Queen, was last patented in 1906, so it was likely manufactured in the early 1900s. [Donated by William Holloway] [Accession No. 2010.6.1]

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