John L. McKinnon

John Love McKinnon (1840-1913) was the author of History of Walton County, which was first published in 1911. Every known generation of the family has a son named John Love McKinnon. Father: John Love McKinnon. 1790–1871 Mother: Catharine L. Douglass McKinnon, 1803–1868 Spouse: Mary Gillis McKinnon, 1849–1924 Siblings: Catharine L…. Continue reading

Walton High School 1937 Football Team

Most of the members of the 1937 Walton High School football team have been identified, but we need help with a few. Please let us know if you can identify any of these players. (front row) All are unknown. (middle row, left to right) 34. Buford Toole; 27. Dub Anderson;… Continue reading