The Heritage Collection

Gold-plated Horseshoe

This gold-plated horseshoe belonged to W. C. Jones’ Tennessee Walking Horse in the 1970s. Mr. Jones was the founder of the Tom Thumb convenience stores that are a major employer throughout the Walton and Okaloosa counties area. [Donated by James E. Moore]

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Gulf Power Company Ashtray

Attorney James E. (Jim) Moore was an author and character actor who appeared at many local functions. The ashtray pictured was given to him on November 21, 1963, in appreciation for his presentation before Gulf Power Company’s Management Club. To open his talk, Jim related a humorous story he heard

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People of Palmer College and Academy

This is a partial list of students, faculty, and staff of Palmer College and Academy (with the source of the information in parentheses). Marjorie Abernethy, Freshman Class Vice-Secretary (1924 Palmera) Frances Alford (1924 Palmera) Leo Andrews, 1924 Palmera Staff Clarence Beach (1924 Palmera) Arlin Bell (1924 Palmera) Isidore Berman (1916

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