Allison’s Grocery

Fennie Allison (seated) of Allison’s Grocery received an award from Margaret Wooten in this undated photograph. This article from the Crestview News in 1975 is one of many that told the story of Fennie Allison. “Her Store Carries Everything” by Charlie Webb CRESTVIEW — The wonderful courage and goodness of… Continue reading

Rubye Walden Burton

Rubye Irene Holland was born in Georgia on January 12, 1900. She first married a man named John H. Littlefield. That union ended at some point, and Rubye then married Talmer Marion Walden. Rubye and Talmer Walden moved to DeFuniak Springs in the early 1930s to open an automobile dealership… Continue reading

John L. McKinnon

John Love McKinnon (1840-1913) was the author of History of Walton County, which was first published in 1911. Every known generation of the family has a son named John Love McKinnon. Father: John Love McKinnon. 1790–1871 Mother: Catharine L. Douglass McKinnon, 1803–1868 Spouse: Mary Gillis McKinnon, 1849–1924 Siblings: Catharine L…. Continue reading

DeFuniak Springs City Marshals, 1901-1965

1901 Malcolm McCaskill 1903 John Ward 1905 N. C. Morrison 1906 M. J. McKee 1908 C. N. Jeffries 1910 E. D. Wester 1915 John M. Laird 1921 Robert Bell 1924 J. S. Gaston 1925 C. E. Hewitt 1927 E. D. Wester 1941 W. J. Richards 1943 D. L. Morris 1945… Continue reading