John L. McKinnon

John Love McKinnon (1840-1913) was the author of History of Walton County, which was first published in 1911. Every known generation of the family has a son named John Love McKinnon.

Father: John Love McKinnon. 1790–1871
Mother: Catharine L. Douglass McKinnon, 1803–1868

Spouse: Mary Gillis McKinnon, 1849–1924

Catharine L. McKinnon McLean, 1822–1845
Christian Curry McKinnon Bowers, 1824–1901
Sarah Douglass McKinnon Tervin, 1825–1891
Angus Douglass McKinnon, 1827–1870
Neill J. McKinnon, 1830–1908
Anna Curry McKinnon Campbell, 1831–1875
Charles L. McKinnon, 1836–1898
Janette Love McKinnon, 1838–1881
Alexander Douglass McKinnon, 1842–1921
Daniel Love McKinnon, 1843–1924
Catherine L. McKinnon, 1845–1910

Luther Gillis McKinnon, 1871–1951
Oscar Angus McKinnon, 1873–1874
Julia McKinnon, 1879–1961
John Love McKinnon, 1883–1962
Ewart Gladstone McKinnon, 1885–1920
Jeanette Love McKinnon, 1887-1912