Whigs in Walton County, 1845

. . . In Walton County there was, we learn, a large and harmonious meeting of the whigs on the 6th last. Judge McLeod presided and Daniel G. McLean, Esq., acted as Secretary. The nomination of Gen. Call as the candidate for governor of the state was responded to and adopted without a dissenting voice. At the same meeting, Col. Henry G. Ramsey was nominated as the candidate for the Senate for the District composed of the counties of Walton and Washington, and Alexander Turner, Esq., was nominated for the House. We regret to learn, however, that the whigs of Walton are so confident in their strength, that owing mainly to some mere local disagreements, they have put forward another candidate, Angus Gillis, Esq. Yet our whig friends may rest satisfied that this disagreement will not affect the whig cause. Walton is nearly four to one for the whigs, and is secure of a whig Senator and Representative. The opposition have nominated Judge David Gartman, of Yellow River, for the House and Col. W. Taber, of Washington County, for the Senate. . . .

[Source: Pensacola Gazette, May 10, 1845; contributed by Brian L. Rucker, Ph.D.]

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