Colonial Chipley Memorial Service

The following item appeared in The Chipley Banner on February 26, 1898:

Rev. Madison C. Peters of New York City delivered a beautiful and impressive sermon at the tabernacle Sunday. The music was very pretty also.

At 3 o’clock a memorial service was held in honor of Colonel W. D. Chipley. Colonel Chipley was one of the founders of the Florida Chautauqua, and took great pride in the institution.

Senator L. J. Reeves, who was a close friend of Colonel Chipley, W. L. Davidson and Hon. Wallace Bruce, all made beautiful addresses, and a most touching tribute was paid by Hon. G. B. Loud of New York City, a personal friend of Colonel Chipley, in a letter addressed to and read by Dr. W. F. Brown.

[Contributed by Robert Daniel]

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