The McKinnon Family

Members of the McKinnon Family from the book Walton County History by John L. McKinnon (clockwise from the top): Guy Davis, Dr. C. E. McKinnon, John L. McKinnon, A. D. McKinnon.

Guy Davis – There is nothing written about him in McKinnon’s book, so we can only guess that he was related to the McKinnon family in some way. The Davis family settled mainly on Choctawhatchee Bay in Freeport.

Dr. C. E. McKinnon – Again, there is nothing written about him in McKinnon’s book unless he was the Dr. Charles McKinnon who was a Confederate Army surgeon on furlough in Mossy Bend when the news arrived of Gen. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. There is a Mossy Bend Road in Ponce de Leon.

Col. John L. McKinnon – The father of the author of Walton County History. Col. McKinnon was among the first settlers who came to Walton County from North Carolina. He was appointed the Walton County surveyor on February 3, 1840, March 4, 1842, and January 1, 1844. On May 24, 1852, he served as the Walton County delegate to the Whig Convention for Northwest Florida, which took place in Eucheeanna, and was appointed to attend the Baltimore convention.

A. D. McKinnon – This is most likely Alexander Douglass McKinnon, the younger brother of the author John Love McKinnon.