Letter from H. E. Edwards to Ella Turner

DeFuniak Fla.
Aug 8, [19]11.

Dear Ella:-

I will ans. your sweet [word omitted] which I was no doubt glad to get.

Kid I sure had a grand time last Smr., but wish you could of been there to enjoyed the sights!!

Ethel took [illegible] with me Wed. night, and R coming down to-morrow to spend the day you may know what a “time” we are going to have as we are all the time doing something.

[On the back of the page in pencil:}

In pretty Eden love began;
An since has been the goal of man;
And the God who gave it birth
Made love the first thing on Earth.
My life is sweet; love makes it so.
And a lover can only know
has brought. Since at
Love’s school I have been
Last night while I was sleeping
The dew had fallen wet,
I fell a sleep and dreamed of
the One I can’t forget.
shadowed light.
Her eyes were like the
Stars on a summer night.
that makes the Heaven

[Accession No. 2022-1-1a (letter) and 1b (envelope): Donated by Christi Clendenon]

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Many thanks to Christi Clendenon for donating the letters and providing transcripts of them.

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