People of Palmer College and Academy

This is a partial list of students, faculty, and staff of Palmer College and Academy (with the source of the information in parentheses). The Palmera yearbooks have photographs of most of those listed below.

Marjorie Abernethy, Freshman Class Vice-Secretary (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Edna Adams (1928 Palmera)
Loiselle Adams (1928 Palmera)
Frances Alford (1924 Palmera)
Martha Alford (1928 Palmera)
Mary Parke Anderson, Music Faculty, Voice (1928 Palmera)
Leo Andrews, 1924 Palmera Staff
Patricia Askew, attended Auburn University (1928 Palmera)
Allan Bache (1928 Palmera)
Braden Ball, Sophomore Class Vice-President (1928 Palmera)
Clarence Beach (1924 Palmera)
Arlin Bell (1924 Palmera)
Isidore Berman (1916 Palmera)
James Bevis (1927 Palmera)
Herbert Bissett (1928 Palmera)
W. A. Blair (1928 Palmera)
Gladys Bludworth (1924 Palmera)
Michael Bowers (1928 Palmera)
Eula Bray, Elementary School Assistant (1924 Palmera)
Robert Marion Brice, left, Most Popular Man-Teacher, taught Mathematics, Director of Athletics (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Ruth Britt, Freshman Class Faculty Advisor (1928 Palmera)
Madie Broadus (1924 Palmera)
Alice Mae Brown, Alumni Editor for 1928 Palmera
Elizabeth A. Brown, right, Faculty, Expression Professor, Most Popular Teacher (1928 Palmera)
Patty Britt (1928 Palmera)
Inez Brown (1916 Palmera)
Catherine Bullard, attended Woman’s College in Montgomery, Alabama (1928 Palmera)
Grace Bullard (1924 Palmera)
Marjorie Bullard (1928 Palmera)
Henry Burke (1916 Palmera)
Mary Burke, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Edward Burns (1928 Palmera)
Angus Graham Campbell, Jr. (1928 Palmera)
Barbara Campbell (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Carrie Mae Campbell, taught History at Baker High School (1924 Palmera)
Geraldine Campbell (1928 Palmera)
Henry Campbell, drug store pharmacist at Cocoa (1924 Palmera)
Julia Betty Campbell (1928 Palmera)
Merry Love Campbell (1924 Palmera)
Ophelia Campbell, Peppiest, 1924 Palmera Staff
Palmer Campbell (1916 Palmera)
William Olin Campbell (1928 Palmera)
Curtis Cannon (1928 Palmera)
Caroline Carmichael, left, Best All-round (1928 Palmera)
Alice Mae Catts, (1924 Palmera)
Dorothy Ethel Cawthon, right, “Prettiest Girl” (1928 Palmera)
Helen Cawthon, Best Dressed (1924 Palmera), Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1927 Palmera)
Landrum Cawthon, worked at First National Bank (1924 Palmera)
Mary Hope Cawthon, Cutest (1924 Palmera)
Matlock Cawthon (1928 Palmera)
Mildred Cawthon (1928 Palmera)
Rachel S. Cawthon, Best All-Round Girl (1924 Palmera)
W. J. Cherry, Faculty Advisor for the Sophomore Class and the 1928 Palmera Staff
Mary Coleman, Most Musical (1924 Palmera)
Lamar Collins (1928 Palmera)
Virginia Curry (1924 Palmera)
Rev. D. J. Currie, taught Bible (1924 Palmera)
Dan Currie (1916 Palmera)
Neill Currie, attended Cornell (1924 Palmera)
Stella Currie (1916 Palmera)
Virginia Percy Currie (1924 Palmera)
Mary Cuthill, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Carrie Daffin (1927 Palmera) attended Mitchell College (1928 Palmera)
Hall Daffin (1927 Palmera) attended Davidson (1928 Palmera)
Robert Daffin, attended Davidson (1928 Palmera)
Lucy Daniel, President, Class of 1916 (1916 Palmera)
Forest Davis, Best All-Round Boy (1924 Palmera)
James Deakin (1928 Palmera)
James Deese (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Maria Deese, Dietician (1924 Palmera)
Sara Louise Deese, left, (1924 Palmera) Most Musical and Social Editor for 1928 Palmera
Annie Donalson (1916 Palmera)
Charles Drummond (1928 Palmera)
Mildred Edwards, entered nurses training in Atlanta (1928 Palmera)
Henry Elliot, attended Davidson (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
James Elliot, (1924 Palmera), attended Davidson (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Mary Effie Elliott (1928 Palmera)
Lois Farris (1928 Palmera)
May Reynolds Fellows, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Ben Ferdon (1916 Palmera), in banking business in New Orleans (1924 Palmera)
Mayo Ferdon, had business in Crestview (1924 Palmera)
Beth Eleanor Fisher (1928 Palmera)
Lillian Fisher (1927 Palmera)
Ruth Anna Fisher (1928 Palmera)
Gracie Flournoy, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
John Flournoy (1924 Palmera)
Mary Elizabeth Flournoy (1928 Palmera)
Walter Flournoy, attended the University of Florida (1927 Palmera)
Willie Louise Flournoy (1928 Palmera)
William Walton Flournoy, Jr., Best Dressed Boy, 1924 Palmera Staff, attended Georgetown University (1928 Palmera)
Barbara Foshee (1924 Palmera)
Marian Fullerton (1927 Palmera) completed business course at Campbell Institute (1928 Palmera)
Ethel Gainer, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)(1927 Palmera)
Jessie Gainer (1924 Palmera)
Charles Gartrell (1928 Palmera)
Jean Gartrell (1928 Palmera)
Allison George (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
C. H. Gillespie, Faculty Vice President, taught Latin (1924 Palmera)
Alex Gillis, Secretary/Treasurer, Class of 1916 (1916 Palmera)
Alva Gillis, attended the University of Florida (1927 Palmera)
Etta M. Gillis, taught English (1924 Palmera)
Jim Gillis (1924 Palmera)
Katherine Stuart Gillis (1928 Palmera)
Mary Morrison Gillis (1924 Palmera)
Roberta Gillis (1916 Palmera)
Byrtle Givens, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Maurice Givens (1924 Palmera)
Marjorie Glasgow, Music Faculty, Pipe Organ and Piano (1928 Palmera)
Clyde Goons, with adjustment conpany in North Carolina (1924 Palmera)
Forrest Goons, in credit department of Goodrich Rubber Co. in Atlanta (1924 Palmera)
Frances Gordon (1924 Palmera)
Florida Green (1924 Palmera)
Guy Green, left (daughter)
Mary Green (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Sarah Lee Green (1928 Palmera)
W. F. Green (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Wynell Green (1928 Palmera)
Evelyn Gregory, Photography Editor for 1928 Palmera
Henry Gregory (1928 Palmera)
Robert Gregory (1928 Palmera)
Virginia Guilford of Dothan, wife of Marion B. Knight (The Story of Florida, Vol. III, p. 258)
Nellie Gunter, left, “Most Charming Girl” (1928 Palmera)
Kenneth Hansen (1928 Palmera)
Harry Harper, right, Most Original (1928 Palmera)
Bernice Harris (1927 Palmera), Best Athlete (1928 Palmera)
Francis Harris, Freshman Class Secretary and Treasurer (1928 Palmera)
Joseph Edward Hassell (1928 Palmera)
Elizabeth Henry (1924 Palmera)
Nettie Mae Hill (1928 Palmera)
Hume Hinesley, (1924 Palmera), attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1927 Palmera)
Lerena Hoar, taught Commercial Courses (1924 Palmera)
Dorcas Hodge, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)(1927 Palmera)
Allissor Hudgens (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Gordon Huggins (1928 Palmera)
Dan Hughes, Junior Class President, Best Looking Boy (1924 Palmera)
Kathleen Hughes (1928 Palmera)
Leslie Inman, Elementary School Assistant (1924 Palmera)
Walter Harvel Jackson (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Louise Jackson, Best Girl Athlete (1924 Palmera)
Robert Jenkins, Freshman Class Vice-President (1928 Palmera)
Kemper Jennings (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
George Melville Jennings, left, Sophomore President (1924 Palmera), Freshman President (1927 Palmera), “Most Popular Boy” and Assistant
Business Manager for 1928 Palmera

Frances Jewell, right, Sweetest and Art Editor for 1928 Palmera

Elton Lorenzo Jones, left, (1927 Palmera) Best Athlete and Business Manager for 1928 Palmera
Mildred Jones (1928 Palmera)
Renee Jones (1928 Palmera)
William Ellis Jones (1924 Palmera), Freshman Treasurer (1927 Palmera) Athletic Editor for 1928 Palmera
Marjorie Pauline Kastler, attended Florida State College (1928 Palmera)
Allen Kemper attended the Naval Academy (1924 Palmera)
Clary King (1928 Palmera)
Josephine Krauth, Sophomore Class President and Local Editor of 1928 Palmera
Myrtle Kyle (1928 Palmera)
Elizabeth Lee (1928 Palmera)
George LeMaistre, Freshman Class President (1924 Palmera) attended University of Michigan (1928 Palmera)
Jack LeMaistre, Most Intelligent Boy, Junior Class Secretary and Treasurer (1924 Palmera) University of Michigan (1928 Palmera)
Volney Allen Lenard (1924 Palmera)
McQueen Leslie (1928 Palmera)
Emery Lindsay, Wittiest Boy, 1924 Palmera Staff
Rev. H. A. Love, Faculty President (1928 Palmera)
Lillie Mae MacDonald, teacher and girls basketball coach in Daytona Beach (1924 Palmera)
Macon Manley (1924 Palmera)
Farrar Martin attended the Naval Academy (1924 Palmera)
Joe Martin (1927 Palmera)
Josephine Martin (1916 Palmera)
Annie B. Mathews (1928 Palmera)
Howard Mathison (1928 Palmera)
Johnny Lois Mathison (1924 Palmera)
Ruth Matthews (1927 Palmera)
Ralph McBroom (1924 Palmera)
W. K. McCain, taught Science (1924 Palmera)
Mae McCall (1928 Palmera)
Angeline McCaskill, attended Converse College (1924 Palmera)
Harold McCaskill (1916 Palmera)
John Edward McCaskill, Freshman Class Treasurer (1924 Palmera)
Margaret McCaskill, Class Historian, Class of 1916 (1916 Palmera)
Elsie McConnell, Vice President, Class of 1916 (1916 Palmera)
John McDonald (1927 Palmera)
John Lockey McDonald (1924 Palmera)
Laura McGuire (1916 Palmera)
Rev. W. E. McIlwain, D.D., President (1924 Palmera)
Hattie Byrd McKenzie (1927 Palmera)
Charles McKinnon, Most Bashful Boy (1924 Palmera)
Emma Belle McKinnon, 1924 Palmera Staff
Gerald McKinnon (1928 Palmera)
Gwendolyn McKinnon (1924 Palmera) (1927 Palmera) Assistant Editor-in-Chief 1928 Palmera
John McKinnon, attended Auburn (1924 Palmera)
Mrs. John McKinnon, taught Piano (1924 Palmera)
Luther McKinnon, attended Washington and Lee University (1927 Palmera)
Mary McKinnon, Elementary School Principal (1924 Palmera)
Helene McLean, Wittiest Girl, 1924 Palmera Staff
Flora Douglass McLean (1924 Palmera)
Ellen McRae (1924 Palmera)
Janie McRae (1924 Palmera)
Gladys Merry (1928 Palmera)
Hilarie Miles, Freshman Vice-President (1927 Palmera)
Lillian Miles, Sophomore Class Secretary (1928 Palmera)
Kathleen Miles (1928 Palmera)
Merle Miles (1927 Palmera)
Susan Miller, Elementary School Assistant (1924 Palmera)
Elizabeth Mills (1928 Palmera)
Harley Mitchem (1924 Palmera)
George McElhaney “Mack” Moore, Best Boy Athlete (1924 Palmera)
Guinivere Morgan (1927 Palmera)
Elmer Munn (1924 Palmera)
Burford Murphree (1928 Palmera)
Mary Lucile Murphree (1927 Palmera) Editor-in-Chief of 1928 Palmera
Margaret Murphree, Most Bashful Girl (1924 Palmera)(1927 Palmera), worked at office of the County Judge (1928 Palmera)
John Murphy (1924 Palmera)
Lula Murphy (1924 Palmera)
Lillie Murray, attended University of Tennessee (1924 Palmera)
Martha Newbill, Athletic Editor for 1928 Palmera
Elmer North, Freshman Class President (1928 Palmera)
Dunbar H. Ogden, Jr., taught History and Psychology, 1924 Palmera Faculty Advisor
Sarah Page (1928 Palmera)
Winona Page (1928 Palmera)
Elsie Verna Palmer (1928 Palmera)
Tennie Parish (1924 Palmera)
Adelene Patterson (1916 Palmera)
Carolyn Clifton Patterson, taught Voice (1924 Palmera)
Marshall Patterson (1916 Palmera)
Mabel Peaden (1924 Palmera)
Dallas Peadin (1924 Palmera)
Mrs. Harry Pierce (1928 Palmera)
Ethel Penton (1927 Palmera) attended Florida State College (1928 Palmera)
Elizabeth Post (1924 Palmera)
Gaydon Post, attended Maryville College (1924 Palmera)
Claude Pruitt (1916 Palmera)
Marion Rawls, taught at Sneads (1928 Palmera)
Eleanor Ray (1916 Palmera)
Margaret Ray (1916 Palmera)
William Ray (1916 Palmera)
Margaret Read (1927 Palmera)
Eugene Richardson, Academy Seniors President, Most Popular Boy (1924 Palmera), attended Lebanon (1928 Palmera)
William Rigill (1924 Palmera)
Louise Ritz (1928 Palmera)
Evelyn Robbins (1924 Palmera)
Howard Rogers (1924 Palmera)
Lewis Rogers, Freshman Class Vice President (1924 Palmera)
Nathan J. Rogers (1924 Palmera)
Nola Mann Sanders, attended Florida State College (1928 Palmera)
Tommye Sanders (1924 Palmera)
Alice Sanford (1928 Palmera)
Ralph Sanford (1928 Palmera)
Ranna Savage, Most Popular Girl, 1924 Palmera Staff, taught at Walton High School (1928 Palmera)
Spencer Savage, on football team at Georgia Tech (1924 Palmera)
Annie Sue Sellars, Academy Seniors Vice-President (1924 Palmera)
Mertice Sellars (1928 Palmera)
Ruby Carmel Sellars (1928 Palmera)
Willer D. Sellars (1924 Palmera) attended Woman’s College in Montgomery, Alabama (1928 Palmera)
Sarah Eugenia Sellers (1924 Palmera)
Civil Sessoms (1924 Palmera)
Winifred Sessoms, Freshman Class Secretary (1924 Palmera) attended Florida State College (1928 Palmera)
Lecie Sharon, Academy Seniors Secretary and Treasurer (1924 Palmera)
William Sharpe, attended Davidson College (1924 Palmera)
Jeannette Shaw, Freshman Secretary (1927 Palmera)
Mrs. Eva Shrivalle, House Mother (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Lottie Kate Shrivalle (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Mary Louise Shrivalle (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Hilda Simmons, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1927 Palmera)
Julia Simmons (1916 Palmera)
Wilfred Simmons (1924 Palmera) taught at Walton High School (1928 Palmera)
Wilma Simmons (1924 Palmera) taught at Arcadia (1928 Palmera)
Edna Singletary, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Prettiest Girl (1924 Palmera)
Billie Smith (1924 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Claudine Elizabeth Smith (1928 Palmera)
Charles Spencer (1928 Palmera)
Sue Way Spencer, Most Intelligent Girl, 1924 Palmera Staff
Howard Storrs (1927 Palmera) worked at the Breeze office (1928 Palmera)
Ruby Strickland (1928 Palmera)
Berla Sutton, taught at Walton High School (1928 Palmera)
Myrtle Sutton (1927 Palmera)
Mary Tatum (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Bessie Tervin (1916 Palmera); Most Popular Woman Teacher, taught Spanish, History, and Mathematics (1924 Palmera)
Franklin Tervin, Sophomore Class Secretary (1924 Palmera) Local Editor for 1928 Palmera
Lucile Tervin, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Pauline Tervin, teacher in Dayton (1924 Palmera)
Burton Townsend (1924 Palmera)
Henry Townsend, Social Editor for 1928 Palmera
Leon Tracy (1916 Palmera)
Colon Trest (1928 Palmera)
Robert Burl Underwood (1924 Palmera)
Evelyn Van Diver, taught Expression and French (1924 Palmera)
James Vaughn, attended University of Florida (1924 Palmera)
Julia Louise Vaughan (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Margaret Vaughn, attended the Woman’s College in Tallahassee (1924 Palmera)
Mary Leigh Vaughn, taught at Quincy (1928 Palmera)
William “Bill” Walker, 1932-1933 (son)
Marie Warchild (1928 Palmera)
Conley Ward (1927 Palmera)
Marjorie Ward, attended University of Tennessee (1924 Palmera)
Massey Ward, attended University of Florida (1924 Palmera)
Dorothy Ware (1916 Palmera)
Estelle Watts (1928 Palmera)
John Watts (1928 Palmera)
Charlie Webb (1928 Palmera)
John Thomas West, 1924 Palmera Staff, Class Poet
Annett Wester (1928 Palmera)
Elee Wester (1928 Palmera)
Emmet Wester (1924 Palmera)
Emmette Wester (1928 Palmera)
Angus Wickersham (1924 Palmera) (1927 Palmera) (1928 Palmera)
Ralph Clyne Wickersham (1924 Palmera) attended Washington and Lee University (1927 Palmera)
Raymond Wickersham, worked with DeFuniak Turpentine Co. and 1924 Palmera Staff, attended Washington and Lee, Harvard, and University of Michigan (1928 Palmera)
Sadie Wickersham, attended Converse College (1924 Palmera)
Dannie Williams (1916 Palmera)
Glen Wilson (1924 Palmera)
Windsor Wesley Woodmansee, left, “Best Looking Boy” (1928 Palmera)
Bobby D. Woodward, attended Emory University (1928 Palmera)
Burton Work, attended University of Florida (1924 Palmera)
Lee Work, Mathematics teacher and athletic director at Leon County High School (1924 Palmera)
Walter Wynn, right, Best All-round (1928 Palmera)

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