The Road to Health, Happiness and Prosperity

The R.E.L. McCaskill Co. published a promotional booklet in 1920 called “The Road to Health, Happiness and Prosperity.” The booklet interlaced facts and photographs with folksy prose designed to lure farmers and ranchers to Walton County. The inside cover featured a photograph of his home on Circle Drive. “Our interest is principally with the practical man who wants 40, 80, 160, or 640 acres for real farming, or the ranchman who wants several thousand acres, perhaps, for the grazing of his flocks and herds. But the man who merely desires to buy a few acres for fruit, nuts, poultry, or gardening, will also find here his greatest opportunity, and we are glad to supply him with just what he requires.”

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[Accession No. 2002-8-1]

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