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Fixtures for the First National Bank

The Apalachicola Times reported the following in its October 10, 1908, edition:

MARSHALL & CO., are making fixtures for the First National Bank, of DeFuniak, consisting of counters, railings and cypress paneled petitions for three rooms, making altogether very handsome fittings.

Historian Mark Curenton of Apalachicola, who contributed the newspaper item, provided additional information about John Marshall & Co.: “They were a large local woodworking company that did a lot of finish work.” Unfortunately, that bank building, which was at the corner of 7th Street and Baldwin Avenue, burned down and was replaced by a brick building. The master mechanism of the McClintock clock survived, but it is not known if anything else did.

Wallace Bruce at the Chautauqua Hotel

Wallace Bruce
In one of her “Bits and Pieces of Walton County History” columns, Anna Reardon wrote: “Wallace Bruce was born in Hillsdale, N.Y. on January 10, 1844. He was well-educated, graduating with honors from Yale University about 1868. . . . He married Anna Becker of Scodak Depot, N.Y. about 1870. . . . Wallace Bruce was a scholar, author, poet and lecturer. He was appointed by President Benjamin Harrison to serve as U.S. Consul to Edinborough, Scotland, where the family lived from 1889 to 1893. . . . After Wallace Bruce returned to this country, he continued his career, lecturing throughout the country.” Wallace Bruce was president of the Florida Chautauqua from 1893 until his death in 1914. The photograph above shows him in his later years. It is believed it depicts his study at the Chautauqua Hotel where he lived while the Octagon House was being readied for him.

Chautauqua Hotel Advertisement

These advertisements for the Chautauqua Hotel appeared in the Pensacola Commercial. The date of the ad above was December 3, 1884, before the first Florida Chautauqua Assembly. The date of the ad shown below appears to be March 8, 1885.

[Contributed by Robert Daniel]