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Walton County History Detectives

If you enjoy helping others, researching history, or sharing your knowledge of Walton County's people and places, please join the Walton County History Detectives! To join, go to the History Detectives Message Boards.

Here is a list of our first fifty mysteries with links to the complete questions and solutions (if any). The links will open new windows so that you can explore the Message Boards and return to this page easily.

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1. Murmuring Surf Cottages ~ Scenic 98 in Miramar Beach, directly across from the Embassy Suites

2. Former Gulf Gas Station at the north corner of Hwy. 90 and 8th Street in DeFuniak Springs

3. The Vaughan Family who settled in the Euchee Valley around 1830, Andersons and Broxtons also

4. The Burgess Family who moved to Walton County from Alabama in 1844

5. Indian School near Bruce Creek from 1895 until 1947

6. Trains in 1905-1910 transporting Indians out of state

7. C. D. Stiller of Bay Grove who once owned a restaurant and a group of cottages

8. I. V. McQuaig of Basin Bayou who was in the turpentine business

9. Parents of William Alexander Rowe, who was a farmer

10. Churches in Walton County that would have been in existance around 1825

11. Information about 116 Church Road in Bruce

12. Manning Family buried at the Mount Olive Cemetery in Red Bay

13. Military service records of James McQueen Leslie

14. Photograph of Darlington, Florida

15. History, photographs, and documents about Natural Bridge

16. Present day location of East River Post Office

17. 1926 automobile accident causing the death of Elizabeth R. Barfield Walden

18. The Geoghagan/Parrish family of Darlington and (perhaps) the Gaskin mill

19. Charlie Hubbard Knight of Cannontown, described as an "Indian Doctor"

20. The home of Glen Ballard Simmons of DeFuniak Springs

21. Phil Harris House on South 11th Street in DeFuniak Springs

22. Cemetery in Roberts, Florida

23. Hardshell Cemetery

24. Burial location of Sallie Clotilday Davis Stokes

25. History of the Hotel DeFuniak Building

26. Children's Home Cemetery/Community

27. DeFuniak Springs Football in the 1940s

28. McLean Family of Eucheeanna

29. Locations of Rosenwald Schools

30. History of the Euchee Indians

31. 1947 Hurricane Destroyed Three Churches in Santa Rosa Beach

32. Plantation Road

33. Busbee-Braddy Family

34. John Jackson Lassiter

35. Emanuel A. and Francis M. Carter

36. Matthew C. McGraw

37. Florida Chautauqua Programs

38. Confederate Monument

39. Death of Grayton Beach Siblings

40. Law Enforcement Personnel

41. McClendon/McLendon Homestead

42. Old Photographs Wanted

43. Knox Hill School

44. DeFuniak Springs Police

45. McDaniel Fish Camp

46. Mary Vinson House

47. Confederate Monument Restoration

48. 10th Street Building, DeFuniak Springs

49. "History of Walton County" Video

50. German Club in DeFuniak Springs

Second Page of Queries


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