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Contents: Walton Relations


October 2010
Column: Microfilm Reader
            “Walton County’s Masonic Heritage” by James E. Moore

November 2010
Column: Soundex Indexing
            Honoring Your Veterans
            On the Bookshelf

February 2011
Column: Walton County History Fair
            “Some Walton County Families: Godwin” by Joan Ray Godwin
            Veterans Wall Nears 700

March 2011
Column: Museum Purchases New TV
            “Military Spotlight: Two Local Members of the WASP” by Diane Merkel
            “Walton County Research at the Office of the Clerk of Court” compiled by Wayne Sconiers
            “Most Popular Free Genealogy Websites” by Kory L. Meyerink of ProGenealogists.com

April 2011
Column: Civil War Sesquicentennial
            “The Mystery of Pasco” by Barbara McClellan Moore
            Upcoming Reunions
            Upcoming Events

May 2011
Column: Help Us Help You
            “Using Information from Extracted Newspapers” by Mary Ellen Wexler
            Free Genealogy Classes Online
            Upcoming Reunions
            History of Walton County by John L. McKinnon

June 2011
Column: Cemeteries Update
            “Eli Wright in the Civil War” by Wayne Sconiers

July 2011
Column: Genealogy in an App World
            “A Road Map Back” by Nanette Sconiers Pupalaikis

August 2011
Column: Chronicling America
            “Alice Creek School #24” by Mildred Spence Boland
            “Alice Creek at Grandpa’s House in the 1930s and Early 40s” by Milford Lamar Bass

September 2011
Column: The 1940 Census
            Children’s Home Cemetery: A Comparison of Inventories
            “Legends from the Graves: Eucheeanna” by Wayne Sconiers


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