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Contents: Walton Relations


January 2019
Henry Marie Brackenridge, Walton County Pioneer Judge

February 2019
WCHA President’s Letter: 2018 Report
            Braxton Bragg Miller

March 2019
Farm Smoke Ho
            Bludworth Family of Walton County: A Compilation of Two Stories

April 2019
Walton County Boundaries
            The Walton County Indian War
            Excerpts from Issues of the Pensacola Gazette Covering the Walton County Indian War of 1837
            The Muscogee Nation of Florida

May 2019
Smithsonian Exhibit Opening Reception

June 2019
Walter Samuel Carnley, Sr.: Memories of a WWII Veteran on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

September 2019
Hurst Family of Walton County, Florida


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