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Walton County Heritage
Association, Museum and
Genealogy Society

Preserving the History and Heritage of Walton County, Florida
and Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Heritage Association!

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Both the Walton County Heritage Association and the Walton County Heritage Museum are governed by Boards of Trustees. The Chairman of the Museum Board is an ex officio member of the Association Board.

Walton County Heritage Association
Board of Trustees

Angus Andrews
Debbie Andrews
Rev. Tyrone Broadus
Terry Dawkins, Vice President
Marilyn Louwerens, Secretary
Diane Merkel, President
Cathy Mosley
Marie Hinson, ex officio
William Steadley-Campbell
Wini Steadley-Campbell
, Treasurer
Kermit Wright

Walton County Heritage Museum
Board of Trustees

Scott Clary
Wendy Clary, Secretary
Marie Hinson, Chairman
Pat Huffman
Mary Lancaster, Vice Chairman
Voncille McLeod

Rose Rogers
Wayne Sconiers
, Treasurer
Bonnie Yerdon


Walton County Genealogy Society

Wayne Sconiers, President
Carolyn Pitman-Brown, Secretary
Suedelle Wilkerson, Treasurer


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