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1896 Football Team

G. Willard Shear took this studio photograph of the 1896 DeFuniak Springs Football Team. Unfortunately, the history of this team and the names of its players remain a mystery, but it may have been the Florida State Normal School team. The team played Pensacola on February 22, 1896, and won with a score of 16 to 0.

Walton High School 1937 Football Team

Walton High School 1937 Football Team

Most of the members of the 1937 Walton High School football team have been identified, but we need help with a few. Please let us know if you can identify any of these players.

(front row) All are unknown.

(middle row, left to right) 34. Buford Toole; 27. Dub Anderson; 73. Johnny Wright; 50. Clyde Moretz; 52. Angus Douglass; 51. S. L. Sims; 56. Earl Wesley (holding football); ?. Roy Cawthon; 64. Bob Hatcher; 61. Clotez Gillis; ?. Davis; 28. Unknown

(back row, left to right) Assistant Coach Grey Wilson; 55. A. D. Cosson; 53. Unknown; 60. McLeod; 70. Unknown; Assistant Coach Kenny; 63. Vernon Cosson; 72. William Anderson; Head Coach Ox Clark; 71. Hudie Bell; 66. Kenneth Sconiers; 62. “Big Red” Cawthon; 68. Buddy Lowery; 54, Dawson Cawthon

Walton High School 1937 Football Team

The photograph above shows some of the players in action near the school:

(left to right) 66. Slick Sconiers; 54. Dawson Cawthon; 72. William Anderson; 55. A. D. Cosson; 64. Bob Hatcher; 56. Earl Wesley; 63. Vernon Cosson (center); 6. Herman “Buddy” Lowery; 51. Clotez Gillis; 62. “Big Red” Cawthon; 50. Clyde Moretz

Walton High School 1937 Basketball Team

Walton High School 1937 Basketball Team
The members of the 1937 Walton High School basketball team were:

(front row, left to right) Ed Taylor, Dawson Cawthon, Gerdon Tappon, John Rutan, Jeb Stewart Gaston

(middle row, left to right) Woody Wesley, Bob Hatcher, Frank Mzwreck, Earl Wesley, Kenneth Sconiers, Charles Taylor

(back row, left to right) Buddy Lowery, Shorty Waites, Grey Wilson, Ox Clarke

Walton High School Football Team

Walton High School Football Team

The members of the Walton High School football team are identified, but we are uncertain which year this team played. Jack Little (No. 63 in the middle) graduated from Walton High School in 1944, so this team probably played in the fall of 1940, 1941, 1942, or 1943. Please contact us if you know. The players are:

(front row, left to right) 64. P. Anderson; 27. Hugh Hill; 65. A. Hinger; 56/36. George M; 11. T. H. Pullmen; 72. Louis F. Cawthon; 55. Walter Jackson

(middle row, left to right) 52. Bill Sharpe; 73. Devon Whitehead; 21. H. Henderson; 17. Wilmen Neil; 63. Jack Little; 60. Wilbur Heart; 59. Casey Jones; 68. John Sims; 69. Harold Tilley

(back row, left to right) 67. Wilmer Sutton; 54. Bill Cawthon; 58. Buford Toole; 70. A. Opry; 61. Windy Neil; 71. James Sharpe; 57. Edgar Evans; 62. Stanford Toole; 56. Edward Sutton

Others in the photograph include Coach Bob Glen, Manager Frank Weeks, Assistant Coach Fred Hacket, and Manager Sonny Woodall.

[Contributed by Sonny Yates]

Obituary: W. C. Eddy

W. C. Eddy died last Saturday, February 27, 1926. He was born in Lancaster, Wisconsin, 73 years ago, and came to DeFuniak in 1884. He taught school for a while after coming to DeFuniak which was merely a settlement in the woods at that time. Being somewhat a carpenter, he helped to build our first Chautauqua Auditorium and also painted it. Later he engaged in the mercantile business and was postmaster at DeFuniak Springs, for a number of years — (Jan. 30, 1889 to March 28, 1889) and (Feb. 2, 1905 to May 6, 1913). He is survived by two sisters, both of whom live in the North. Mr. Eddy was never married. He was in good circumstances, and through his last long illness, he was looked after by Mr. Dee Work of this city.

DeFuniak Herald, March 4, 1926

Note by Jeanette Anderson McDonald: The 2 story house on Bay Ave. (106) was originally owned by Prof W. C. Eddy who had the first school in DeFuniak located on East Main St. House owned by Mrs. Alma Kirkland (1996).

Letter Written by Palmer College Teacher

[The following is a letter written by an English teacher who worked at Palmer College. “Hampden-Sidney” is a college in Virginia.]

De Funiak Sprgs.
Nov. 29, 1920.

Dear Mr Simpson: –

I am not sure as to whether I answered your letter of last January or not so I’ll answer a few of your questions. I like Dr Eggleston all right. I think he will do right much for Hampden-Sidney. Mr Watkins is just like he was when I first met him. Mr Massey is mighty nice but does not seem to be as popular with the boys as he might be. Dr Winston is the same old devil he always was. He will never grow old. He is one of the rarest fellows I have ever known. I took my degree at H.S. in June. I liked my work last year very well. I like what I have this year a lot better. This is a fairly good school. Mr Kemper, the dean, is one of the nicest fellows to work for that I have ever seen. He has the right ideas about the school too. The board holds him back some as they are a typical lot of in and in bred Scotch Irishmen. If they would take the elementary school and its nuisances off his hands as he wants them to he would be able to make a better thing of this. He wants to make it a real fine junior college and we could do it if we had the place to stow away the students, but half the dormitories are filled up with little kids. I teach five classes of English, three academy and two college classes. The college classes meet three times a week and the academy classes five times a week but the expression teacher takes one period a week of each academy class for oral English so I only have eighteen classes a week. That with the athletic work is a big job and keeps me going and going fast. The students are right nice but show beyond the shadow of a doubt that this climate takes the pep out of people. It shows in the English work and still more so in football.

Mr Lane, your old Christiansburg pastor was here not long ago. I told him to keep his eye on me for a teacher in Japan. I believe a teacher can do as much or more good than a preacher. I do not want to go to a hot climate like southern India though.

If you are coming home next spring I wish that you would by some means bring me a rug and a pair of window curtains from India. I like those oriental things. I’ll pay you whatever they cost plus something for your trouble.

Write me all about the work over there and I’ll be better about writing next time. I am not keeping up such a heavy correspondence this year as I was last so I’ll be in a better position to write.

Very sincerely
James Orr.

The State Normal College for White Students

The State Normal School in DeFuniak Springs opened on October 3, 1887, and had 16 students.

Source: “Students Ignore History” by Taheem Williamson, February 29, 2012.
These are said to be students at the State Normal School in DeFuniak Springs, but their identities have not been proven. Please let us know if you can identify anyone.

The Chipley Banner published this advertisement for the DeFuniak Springs Business College on January 28, 1899.

[Contributed by Robert Daniel]

People Who Attended Palmer College

This is a partial list of those who are known to have attended Palmer College (with the source of the information in parentheses).

Guy Green, shown left (daughter)

William “Bill Walker, 1932-1933 (son)

Walton High School Yearbooks

The Heritage Collection has copies of the War Whoop for the years 1927, 1969, and 1972.