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The History of Walton County

Pattillo Campbell of Pensacola wrote to Charles R. Hencely of the Okaloosa County Public Library in 1966 and noted some errors in The History of Walton County by John L. McKinnon. Mr. Hencely of Marianna and Wiley Benjamin Hill, Jr. of Fort Walton Beach compiled an Index for the book in 1968.

As to the History of Walton County, I presume you [know] that it was [a] collection of weekly articles published in the DeFuniak Springs newspaper prior to 1910. It was only loosely edited. The inaccuracies were slight and mostly obvious. The McLennans (erroneously shown as McLendons), the Folks, and Daniel Douglass Campbell came down from North Carolina in 1819 and spent almost a year at the Lone Bluff, the home of Daniel C. Campbell on the Escambia River, where there was a [S]cotch colony on both sides of the river. Neill McLennan became a noted character in Texas history, the county of McLennan having been named after him. (I have read his Texas biography.) While in Florida, he was evidently engaged in trade with the Indians. I have examined the original case papers in two cases brought in 1821, one by him and another against him as a endorser of a note. The Uchee Indians are mentioned by McGilleveray. (State Papers of Alexander McGilliveray, 1789) The Walton County Uchees joined the main body of the tribe in North Central Florida. . . . The Col. John L. McKinnon mentioned, one of my great grandfathers, came from the Isle of Skye with his parents, his brother Laughlin, and other members of the McKinnon clan. One of the editions of Boswell’s “Tour of the Hebrides” describes their visit to this family, in 1769, I believe, and mentions their plans for going to America. A later annotation states that they did not. I believe the annotation to be in error as to some of the immediate members of this family. Col. McKinnon kept up a correspondence with members of his family on the Isle of Skye for many years. At my request, two of my [relatives?] attempted to contact Rev. McKinnon in Edinburg several years ago, but found that he had just recently died. (The Rev. McKinnon is a noted authority on the life of Flora McDonald. He himself, was born and raised on the Isle of Skye. Col. Dan Campbell visited him during World War II). [Links and emphasis added.]

Excerpts from a letter to Charles R. Hencely
from Pattillo Campbell, September 24, 1966

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